miercuri, 31 august 2011

better in time.

i need a vacation from this vacation. i mean, other then the one coming in 2 weeks (2 WEEKS!). i need a real vacation, away from all this boring nonsense and my stupid house and this pc; a vacantion where i can meet new awesome people and create unforgetable memories and stuff like that; stuff that some people really do in their summer holidays.

it's much easier writing a post in english than in french, that's for sure, even though this summer i forgot like half of the lessons i learned last year in english classes. this past few days i noticed that my english really sucks. like, i can read shitloads in english and i understand every word, even the hard ones and the ones that i don't really use, but when it comes to writing something clever in english, i really can't.

actually, i think the problem is more likely with my brain or with my memory. i remember words and i understand them when i read then, but i can't use them when i want to say somenthing because they don't come in my head at that moment. a part of the problem is also the fact that i don't really trust my english skills. anyway, i'm really looking forward to start english classes, so i'll hopefully improve my english, at least a little bit. oh, and i made a twitter account again, and i'll be posting only in english, i think. (it's under the 'about me' widget, if you haven't noticed it already)

i kinda wish that my english teacher would read this (like my french teacher did) and correct me where i was wrong. kinda. did i told you that i got a book from my french teacher for writing that post (on the other blog) in french? jealous much? she's a sweetheart. she got 2 books and i had to choose one of them and i chose "In search of lost time" of Marcel Proust. the other one was "The red and the black" of Stendhal, but i already tried reading it and i didn't like it.

i miss my house. not the version where i'm currently living, with no windows, holes in the walls, no floor, clothes and books everywhere. i'm sick and tired and i'm frustrated and i don't wanna be like that and i want my old house back.

PS - nu, nu voi posta numai in engleza.

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